So here we are at the finals for NBC’s World of Dance. It came down to Swing Latino, Eva Igo, and Les Twins. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a million dollar prize for each of them, even though, my goodness, they all came at this with beastly precision. To see what led them here, catch up with Top 5 moments for Episode 1Episode 2Episode 3Episode 4Episode 5, Episode 6, and Episode 7Episode 8, and Episode 9.

Now. Let’s. Talk. Dance. FINALS.

1. Swing Latino (Leg-Flipping a Person)
Watching this magnificent troupe makes you feel like you’re out a fancy theater show filled with stunt people who just happen to dance. No one in the group performs at less than an A rating. They’re unstoppable. It’s like if you asked them to stop dancing and go to sleep, they’d still perform flawlessly while deep in slumber. There are so many things to grin about when it comes to this performance, but honestly they throw people better than anyone else. This time, it’s throwing a dancer in a flip by way of leg catapult. See them kill it as always at 1:08 in the video below.

2. Eva Igo (Disappearing Act)
There have been a lot of great endings to performances this season, but this one in particular, coming at the end of what felt like a million insane twists and flips, seriously dropped jaws. Wonderfully timed and yet fun and dynamic, Eva Igo disappears to the sound of shattering glass. This whole routine was fierce and full of life. See her go for gold at 1:30 in the video below (after seriously bonkers moves at 1:15 and 1:24).

3. Les Twins (Shaking Together)
These twin brothers are so incredibly in sync with each other. It’s impossible to mix. If one of them moves their leg, you expect the other to do so. The music hits them as if to move their limbs for them. They’re untouchable when they feel it, which seems to be always. This performance was a keen example of that unity. See them totally in each other’s heads at 1:25 in the video below.