We can all struggle to keep our motivation up at times. Even when we love what we do and know we have found our passion, we can still get discouraged or feel like we have hit a plateau. This is entirely normal, the ups and downs are simply a part of life and what it means to be an artist (and human). So if you need a little motivation, this post is for you. We have rounded up ten of our favorite motivational quotes about dance from Instagram to help you start your weekend right. So scroll through our roundup below and then keep on dancing!

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INSPIRE OTHERS WITH YOUR TALENTS; MAKE THEM FEEL THAT THEY ALSO CAN DO WHAT YOU DO! PUSH PEOPLE TO PASS OVER THEIR FRONTIERS! LET THE BEAUTY OF YOUR TALENTS MAKE PEOPLE CONQUER THEIR FEARS ON TRYING THE SO-CALLED IMPOSSIBLE THINGS! – MEHMET MURAT ILDAN **Motivation for the day ** Learn to inspire others with whatever you can do. So many people are waiting to see what you would do before they are motivated. Your talent(s) or gifting(s) isn't just to make you happy but to edify others, to bless the lives of other people. Remember that whatever you do is to be a service to humanity. Inspire Someone today. Make them see the possibility in the so-called impossibility. #inspire #inspirationaldrama #inspirationaldance #talents #talent #gifted #music #dance #drama #skill #gospel #motivationalquotes #inspirationalquotes

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🌔🌕🌗 There's a lot to unpack in this quote and I love it. ▪️ I've fallen "in love" on the dance floor more times then I care to keep track of. Catching a glimpse of someone being completely saturated with the present moment can be utterly captivating to me. It's magnetic at times, like, I have to be near this person – whatever they are doing I want some of that juju. ▪️ I have been this person for some too. It makes me think, imagine how different life could be if I had this feeling of authenticaticity at all times. I try, but it's hard to say how often I hit the mark. ▪️ Just some ponderings, thanks for humoring me. Appreciate the support lately as I get the show back on the road. Remember to tag The Ecstatic Project on videos you think should end up on the feed. ▪️ ▪️ ▪️ #theecstaticproject #movementismedicine #mikhailbaryshnikov #consciousness #meme #quotememe #pic #dancequotes #dancememe #consciousmovement

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