When transitioning to their teenage years, children start to experience a lot of changes in their bodies. Teenagers who are physically fit and active are more likely to avoid health problems in the future. However, only less than 10% of teens get the right amount of exercise they need daily.

Some were never involved in soccer plays and ballerina classes while others might have dropped gym class from their school schedule. Always remember that focusing on your physical health during the teenage years is essential as it is a crucial habit you take with you throughout your entire life.

A fitness expert from Vivotion.com claimed that a workout doesn’t always have to be extremely difficult. In line with this, we have listed a few tips and workout ideas to get your teens moving — even without attending their gym class.

Five Useful Tips to Get Teens Moving

1. Move More All the Time


There’s nothing wrong with riding your bike or playing basketball on the weekends with your friends, but these kinds of activities aren’t enough.

It’s ideal for a teen to exercise at least five days a week with a mix of cardio and strength training. Hence, working out should be part of your daily routine.

To do this, walk around your house when you’re on your phone or perform lunges during TV commercials. You can even take a few minutes to move in the morning, after school, or whenever you have extra time. It all adds up.

2. Friends Who Move Together, Stay Together


Peer pressure isn’t always a bad thing. This is especially true if peers can influence each other to get healthier!

Allowing your friends to be part of your fitness journey is a great way to turn exercise into something you can enjoy.

You can invite them along for a hike or even just a walk around the mall. If you’re feeling extra energetic, you can invite your friends to join a sport or the gym.

3. Don’t Overdo It