Kyle Van Newkirk is the tap-dancing king who won the World Championships of Tap Dance in 2015 and made his TV debut on NBC’s World of Dance this month. Like any dancer, he is constantly gleaning inspiration from the world around him—especially the music that moves him.

The Kyle Van Newkirk Playlist

We asked Kyle what his top 5 favorite tracks were, and why. Here, he reveals the songs he just can’t stop spinning.

1) “Never Know” by 6LACK

This is a piece that I listen to almost every day due to the unique sounds, rhythms, and the storyline that I absolutely love.

2) “Sidewalks” by The Weeknd ft. Kendrick Lamar

This song is definitely a killer because it is so laid back with the tempo and the fact it’s able to drag you in at the beginning, and it holds you throughout the entire song.

3) “Nas Album Done ft. Nas” by DJ Khaled

The song is dope in every single way; it’s powerful, strong, and is able to move everyone in the room as soon as that beat hits you.

4) “Autumn Leaves” by Oscar Peterson Trio

This piece is killer just from the movement of how smooth Oscar is on the piano and the beauty of the phrases and the ideas that he hits throughout the piece.

5) Kings Never Die (Eminem feat. Gwen Stefani)

This is a song that I have listened to from the first day it came out. It was a song that has motivated me from the lyrics and how you can’t stop moving in order to get to your dreams in the end. Hence, kings never die due to them wanting to push for greatness.

To keep up with Kyle, follow him on Instagram @kyle_vanny and YouTube. And check out more playlists from movers and shakers:

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