We here at WOD Magazine are obsessed with podcasts. But there are so many out there it can be overwhelming to know what to listen to. We’ve compiled a list of three must-listen dance podcasts the you should definitely give a listen to in 2020. Happy podcasting!

Conversations On Dance

Hosted by Rebecca King Ferraro and Michael Breeden, two former Miami City Ballet dances, this podcasts takes a deep and thoughtful dive into the world of ballet. Each week they interview teachers, choreographers, dancers, critics, directors, costume designers and more to give listeners a peek behind the curtain. 

Ask Megan!

Dancer Megan Fairchild offers her insight and advice on this weekly podcast that gives listens a behind the scenes look at the professional world of dance. Fairchild’s charm makes this podcast endlessly listenable as well as informative.

Dance and Stuff

Best friends Reid Bartelme and Jack Ferver host this jovial, light-hearted weekly podcast that is a joy to listen to. Both bring their rich knowledge of the business and also enjoy chatting about a variety of other topics (they loooooove movies). This podcast is worth listening to just for their chemistry alone.

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