NBC’s World of Dance is the most exciting dance show on TV, especially for the performers. We’ve been catching up with the many acts and soloists lately to find out more about their experience, and today we’re chatting with Priscilla Tom of The Posse, a talented group that is no stranger to the spotlight. Here, we chat about what it’s like to compete, her favorite judge, and more.

WOD: What was the best part of competing in World of Dance?

PT: The best part of competing in World of Dance was sharing the stage with my Posse girls and dancing in front of the amazing judges. Also, it was such an honor to meet so many extremely talented dancers from all over the world! The experience was eye-opening and taught me so much as a dancer and allowed me to grow tremendously as a performer.

WOD: Who’s your favorite judge, and why?

PT: I loved all of the judges! They are all super inspiring and gave us feedback and comments to encourage us to become stronger dancers. J-Lo is particularly sweet. She saw the message we tried to convey in our dances, and it was such an emotional moment for me when she said our dances inspired her!!!

WOD: What do you love most about dance?

PT: I love to dance because dance allows me to freely express my feelings and emotions. It does not require any special instruments or tools, and I can dance almost anywhere. I love the fact that I can even send powerful messages to the audience. Dance allows me to set goals, believe in myself, and constantly try the best to achieve those goals.

WOD: Why do you think the world needs dance?

PT: The world needs dance because dance can be an outlet that provides a more relaxed, fun, and rhythmic aspect to life. There are so many different genres and styles of dance that allow people to express their feelings and stay socially connected and engaged.

WOD: Anything else before we go?

PT: The POSSE is more than a team. We are sisters and each of us adds something special to the group.  #everythingisPOSSEble!!!

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