Dance choreographers have come a long way. In the past, people mainly cared about learning the dances in their favorite music videos. Now, the rise of viral songs and dance trends has spotlighted the choreographers behind the popular moves. Thus, elevating dance choreography as a popular form of entertainment and giving dance choreographers the recognition they deserve. So if you’re looking to learn a new dance or watch some dance choreography, here are 5 dance choreographers that you should watch. 


Aliya Janell

Instagram: @thealiyajanell

Aliya Janell is a popular choreographer who has choreographed and appeared in countless music videos and live performances. She is known for her viral stiletto dance videos and is the founder of Queens N’ Lettos — an LA-based heels dance brand. Janell is a social media sensation and doesn’t hold back in her choreography. If dancing in heels wasn’t enough, Janell often throws in splits, flips, and quick steps to fast-paced music. 


Bailey Sok 

Instagram: @baileysok

Bailey Sok is a professional dancer and choreographer who has competed in several dance competitions. In 2018, Sok competed in season two of NBC’s World of Dance as a member of S-Rank and made it to the world final. She has also performed in the World Of Dance Championship Series and has a dance style that exudes confidence and precision.


CJ Salvador

Instagram: @_cjsalvador

As a dancer and choreographer known for smooth and expressive movements, CJ Salvador gained popularity on YouTube channel’s like 1Million Dance Studio and has taught at the world renowned studio, Millennium Dance Complex. Salvador also has content on the STEEZY YouTube channel, which features dance videos and tips from popular choreographers.


Jade Chynoweth

Instagram: @jadebug98

Jade Chynoweth is an actress, dancer, and choreographer known for her powerful and rhythmic dance moves. Chynoweth has many iconic dance videos on YouTube and has danced alongside CJ Salvador and Aliya Janell. Most recently, she was featured in Parris Goebel’s performance video for Justin Bieber’s song “Yummy.”


Jeny Bonsenge

Instagram: @Jenybsg

Jeny Bonsenge is a dance coach and choreographer from Belgium known for her fun and energetic Afro House dance style. Bonsenge is the CEO of Afro House Belgium  a dance school for kids and has judged for the World of Dance Championship series. In 2019, Bonsenge gained widespread attention after going viral for dance routines with her 9-year-old student Anaé and was even featured on The Ellen Show.


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