If you love dance (and who doesn’t?), NBC’s World of Dance is gonna fill up your DVR this summer. The awesome new dance competition show has the world’s best dancers competing for a chill $1 million prize. The celebrity judges? Jennifer Lopez, Ne-Yo, Derek Hough and host/mentor Jenna Dewan Tatum. Not only is J-Lo a judge, she’s also the executive producer and possibly the coolest Fly Girl there ever was.

The show is a chance for J-Lo to return to her roots, and she’s excited for you to come along for the ride. At a recent press event for the show, J-Lo, Ne-Yo, Derek Hough, and Jenna Dewan Tatum chatted about why World of Dance is a show unlike any other dance competition. Here are the top 5 reasons she wants you to check out World of Dance.

1) The World of Dance Judges

“Having done [these shows], I know that is key that you have judges knowledgeable on what they’re judging on and they have a lot to offer and they have their own personalities but also a chemistry with one another…we definitely have that,” Lopez said. “We were lucky. I was so fortunate in the projects I’ve been doing over the past years, and to pull together my dream team…these were three first choices. It was like, ‘Can we get Ne-Yo? Can we get Derek Hough? Can we get Jenna Dewan Tatum?’”

Luckily, she succeeded.

2) World of Dance is the Real Deal

“We’re all dancers. We’ve all been in this business as dancers. So we have that authenticity and that voice,” said Dewan Tatum, who got her big break in the dance film Step Up. As for mentoring the competitors, she said, “We want to be part of that elevation for them. It just felt very authentic.”

3) It’s an Emotional Rollercoaster

With the world’s best dancers from all disciplines competing for top prize, there are some big wins and major heartache.

“I guarantee within the first half hour of the show, you’re going to laugh and cry and you’re going to dance,” Lopez said.

4) The $1 Million Prize

It’s the highest prize of any other reality competition show, but that’s not really what it’s about.

“You don’t get into dance because you’re going to be famous or rich. You do it because you love to dance,” Lopez said. Hough added, “You can be the top dancer in the world and go on tour worldwide for a decade and never reach a million dollars, so this is life-changing.”

5) We Need More Dance in the World

With so much negativity and stress, the opportunity to celebrate a vibrant art like dance is needed more than ever. “Being a part of that movement over the past decade of dancing, I feel like America has been sort of elevated and now this is the never level of a dance show,” Hough said.

To see more of J-Lo’s, tune into NBC’s World of Dance May 30th at 10/9 central to see the world’s best dancers battle it out for a whopping $1 million prize.

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