Let’s face it- ponytails and buns can get a little boring. So why not update your dance class hairstyle with one of these super cute updos that look way more complicated than they actually are. Most of these work best with hair that hasn’t been washed in a day or two (bonus!) and require little more than some dry shampoo, hairspray, elastic bands, and bobby pins. Plus, they will still look amazing after class so you caned to work, run errands or grab dinner and drinks with friends without a care.


French Braided Top Knot


Perfect for medium or long hair, this style will take you from dance class to cocktail hour and is perfect for a lazy weekend browsing the farmer’s market. Just flip you head upside down, braid your hair up from your neck, and gather into a bun on top. It’s that simple. Get the tutorial here from Hello Glow

Pigtail Buns


These elevated pigtails are super cute, easy to master, perfect for shorter hair, and won’t leave you looking like a fourth grader. Separate your hair into two sections, twist, and pin into two messy buns. That’s a win-win. Learn how here from Brit + Co.

Pinned Up Ponytail


Update your ponytail with this simple yet elegant pinned-up ponytail courtesy of Hair Romance. Don’t worry too much about mastering it on your first try, this one’s supposed to look a little undone. But be warned- the compliments may never stop. Get the instructions here.

Segmented Ponytail


This funky take on a classic ponytail is so simple and can be achieved in under five minutes- we promise. Just brush and smooth your hair, grab some extra elastic bands and go to town! Get the tutorial here from Brit + Co.

Easy Messy Half Braid


The best part about this hairstyle is that it’s supposed to look messy, so you can dance your heart out and not have to worry about your updo. Above all, this super stylish hairdo takes only minutes to achieve which is perfect when you’re running late to class. Learn how here from The Beauty Department.

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