The 5 members of tap crew Ryhthmatic know a thing or two about great beats and choreography. As competitors on NBC’s World of Dancethey get to share their art with the world, as well as celebrity judges. We love their style, but we also wanted to know what pumps them up when it comes to music. 

The Rhythmatic Playlist

We asked the members to share their favorite tracks and artists with us. Here’s what they said.

Nick: When it comes to music, I’m always thinking, “What would I kill to choreograph to?” Right now its “Manchester” by Kishi Bashi.

Patrick: I’m pretty down with Harry Styles new album. It’s like a neo-Beatles throwback to the ’70s.

Kurt: “Something Just Like This” by The Chainsmokers & Coldplay. For everything we dream about we just want someone in our corner. It feels good and has a solid hook/chorus to jam out to.

Aaron P: Kendrick Lamar as an artist. His new album. Woof. Down right dirty!

Aaron B: I am obsessed with all of Leon Bridges’ music because he has that old school swag. It just puts me in my happy place.

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