Derek Hough has some serious moves. Known for his skills in the ballroom and on the television—most notably alongside his equally dazzling dancing sister Julianne on Dancing With the Stars—he’s won two Emmys for Outstanding Choreography. Now, he’s set to start in a Broadway run of Singin’ in the Rain and be a guiding light on NBC’s World of Dance. Yet, while you’re more than aware of how well he can shake a leg, you certainly don’t know everything about the man.

1. His celebrity crush is Sophia Bush.

Sophia Bush is Derek Hough's celebrity crush

When asked about his all-time celebrity crush in a People interview, Hough’s go-to answer was actress Sophia Bush. He wasn’t even sure how to explain it, finally clarifying it as, “She’s just so cute. She’s got that face.” He’s right though.

2. He agreed to be the best man for Mark Ballas when he was only 14.

Derek Hough, judge of NBC's 'World of Dance'

Hough is a man of his word. Seriously. At only 14 years old, best friend and fellow dancer Ballas asked Hough if he would be the best man for his wedding, which would happen someday. Hough totally agreed. Of course, it’d be a long time until an actual wedding—not until November of last year, in fact. “Luckily, it went well,” Hough told Ellen DeGeneres. “I’ve never been more nervous in my life though.”

3. He was in the first Harry Potter movie.

Derek Hough, judge of NBC's 'World of Dance'

Along with his sister Julianne and best friend Mark Ballas, Hough appears as a Hogwarts extra in 2001’s Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone as a Ravenclaw student. Meanwhile, Julianne can be seen as a Gryffindor and Ballas as a Hufflepuff. [Luckily, none were Slytherin.] The trio wound up in the film because they were studying at a performing arts music school in London as youngins at the time.

4. His was starstruck when meeting Denzel Washington.

Denzel Washington starstruck Derek Hough

Washington randomly stopped by rehearsals while Hough was prepped for last year’s TV musical adaptation of Hairspray. Hough didn’t even recognize the casually dressed actor at first. Once everyone realized who it was, Washington talked to Hough and some cast and crew about acting, directing, philosophy for an hour and a half. As Hough later put it, “It was the coolest thing ever.”

5. His most embarrassing moment was on national television

Derek Hough, judge of NBC's 'World of Dance'

During the first season of Dancing With the Stars, Hough dropped partner Jennie Garth live on television, and he considers that his most embarrassing moment. Hough was naturally bummed, and it certainly didn’t help his spirits when the ladies of The View later added, “I can’t believe that boy dropped her.” He had a charmingly boyish “aw, come on” reaction to the commentary.

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