While you’re waiting for season 4 of NBC’s World of Dance– which can’t come fast enough in our opinion- why not check out these six incredible dance documentaries? From ballet to breakdancing, these films capture the challenges, heartbreak, and beauty of different styles from all across the globe. Missed your favorite dance documentary? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Dancing Across Borders

In this moving documentary, Director Anne Bass’sis discovers a young Cambodian dancer named Sokvannaara Sar performing with a small troupe in Angkor Wat. Instantly recognizing his talent, Bass’sis arranges for him to travel to New York and audition for the School of American Ballet. What follows is a tale of intense competition, passion, and overcoming the odds.


This colorful, fast-paced documentary delves deep into the subcultures of Clowning and Krumping in Los Angeles. Directed by David LaChapelle, the film stars Lil’ C, Tommy the Clown, and Miss Prissy. Even if you know nothing about either dance style, this film is one you won’t want to miss.


Pina is a hauntingly beautiful documentary about contemporary dance choreographer Pina Bausch. Tragically, Pina passed away a few days before filming. After delaying production, director Wim Wenders    moved forward with filming, creating an achingly stunning tribute to the beloved German choreographer that is well worth watching.

Mad Hot Ballroom

Following the lives of students from three New York city elementary schools, this heartwarming film is irresistibly charming. These fifth graders are introduced to the tango, the merengue, the swing, the rumba, and the foxtrot as they prepare for the citywide “Rainbow Team” competition that’ll have you cheering for your favorite pair.


This 2006 documentary chronicles the training, rehearsals, and day to day lives of five Russian ballerinas nat different stages of their career. Director Bertrand Normand does not shy away from the intense dedication, rigor, and pain behind the ballet while still showcasing the grace and athleticism of some of the top ballerinas in the world.

Planet B-Boy

Breakdancing doesn’t often get the respect it deserves. Planet B-Boy takes an in depth look at the culture, centering around five international crews all competing to win the Battle of the Year. Lively, colorful, and surprisingly touching, this is one dance documentary that’ll have you dancing in your seat.

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