On the brink of quitting the passion that they held dear for so long, these four Arizona based dancers thought their time on the stage was coming to an end. With 10+ years of experience between them, the group “didn’t know if dance was something [they] needed to pursue anymore.” And as is the case with many that try to let go of their passion, it didn’t work. The four came together and rekindled their love for dance, naming their group 6 Feet Deep in reference to their motto, “We will dance until we’re 6 Feet Deep.”

Having only been together as an official team for 1 year, 6 Feet Deep was caught off guard when they got invited to audition for World of Dance.” It was a surreal process,” they said, “we didn’t think much of it and submitted anyways.” Once they were told that their group was selected to be on the show, the team was in awe. “It was such a happy moment for us… to be selected to compete with the best of the best was such an honor. A feeling that we will never forget.”

When taking the stage for the World of Dance Season 2 Qualifying Rounds, 6 Feet Deep chose to compete with “Urban Style” dance, having drawn inspiration from past experiences and mentors they’ve had along their journey. “That’s one of the best things about dance is that the people you meet and the classes you take make an impact on you. And you cherish that.” And though the team didn’t make it further than the qualifiers in the competition, they soaked up every moment of being on set. “The fact that we were even selected for the show was the most exciting part of it. And then being on the show and meeting all the others acts was so exciting, we definitely made new friends and memories.”

As for where they are now, 6 Feet Deep is currently focused on giving back to those that supported them through their World of Dance adventure. “The Arizona dance community had been so supportive of our journey, so we’ve been all over the valley teaching and performing at different shows or events.” And while still training as a group to become the best that they can be, they want their followers to remember that one performance does not define your success. With hard work, training and learning from the experiences you’ve been given, there is always room to progress to the next level. And we can’t wait to see what 6 Feet Deep does next.

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