Starting a new dance class? First of all, yay! Congrats, it’s going to be a blast. You’ve found the perfect studio for you, picked your fave class, and you’re ready to go. No matter if you’re brand new to dance or a seasoned veteran, These are the 6 stages of starting a new dance class. 


You’re ready to rock it

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Get excited, it’s time to dance. No matter your reason for joining, you’re bound to be excited. Get that energy ready to work it!

You suddenly feel really intimidated

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No matter how excited you are, there are bound to be some nerves. From fear of messing up (seriously everyone does it) to middle school dance flashbacks, don’t let the nerves hold you back. Remember, every dancer started where you are now at one point in their life.

You have at least one moment of “what is going on”

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Feel like you’re struggling to keep up or completely lost at times? Don’t worry! It happens to literally everyone. Rule 1 is “fake it till you make it” and don’t be too shy to ask the teacher questions. They won’t know to slow down or explain something till you do, and should be more than happy to help.

You feel like it’s over too soon

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One minute you’re feeling like you’re just trying to keep up, the next, the teacher is saying “thank you” to everyone. Wait, what? How? You just got started! This is how you know it’s a good class, when the time flies by.

You can’t get enough

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Suddenly you’re obsessed with finding more classes and can’t wait till next week. How many classes does the studio offer? How many can I afford? When’s the next master class!

You’re obsessed with new shoes/gear/etc.

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Taking ballet? You’re going to get a pretty intense leotard addiction. How many shoes for your hip hop class is too many? No matter what it is, you’re going to want to stock up (we’re all for it!). Keep that momentum doing and keep dancing!

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