Meet the G.I Kidz! A group of very talented young dancers based out of Lyon, France who love all things California and all things hip-hop. Hip-hop culture may not be the first thing you think of when you think of France, but there is a growing and thriving community of likeminded dancers who want to show the world what their country has to offer. Check out WOD Magazines exclusive Q&A with this up and coming group.

G.I. Kidz

Members: Cybélia, Faustine, Juliette, Lucie, Léah, Maé, Marine, Nour, Shereen and Tanya.

How long have you been dancing as a team?

Since October, 2018

Why do you like hip-hop culture, specifically California’s hip-hop

In Hip hop there are many different styles : LA style , girly, locking, popping. The Californian culture seems to be the more open minded. We mostly love the way they move, the way they occupy the stage, and they have a lot of flow…

And also, in California there are some of the nicest beaches and cities in the US, with a lot of sun. All of this makes us love the California Hip Hop lifestyle.

Is hip-hop dance/music popular in France?

Yes, and on top of it, we have the chance to live in Lyon, which is the city where Hip Hop dancers emerged in our country.

What dancers do you look up to and admire?

There are so many, but to name a few- Sienna Lalau, Kaycee Rice, Jojo Gomez ,Josh Killacky, Duke Anh Tran, Bailey Sok, Sean and Kaycee, Baïba Klints

Do you have any advice for other young dancers trying to balance their dance and school life?

Love, dance, be well organized, and have a good time! Don’t mix school and dance- find the good moment to work and the good moment to dance. Balance is the most important thing, but having very patient and supportive parents really helps! Find the right organization to chain dance, school, and your personal life together.

What are your future goals as a team?

Our goal: to have a good rank for the WOD Championships. We want to keep going and keep improving ourselves. We want to win all the contests, and dance at the SuperBowl half time show someday! But most of all we want to be very strong and supportive, stay together, persevere and go together as far as possible.

 Does anyone on your team have a special secret talent?

Mahé: Nour is an amazing singer.

Juliette: Lucie is a great singer, she doesn’t show it because she is very shy but for sure she has a great talent.

Anything else you would like readers to know?

Hip Hop culture in France is a melting pot of various cultures, origins and religions. We feel that hip hop culture is a symbol of equality, and this is one of the reasons that drive us to dance. We did not realize it when we started dancing together, but as we are growing up, we are slowly starting to realize the power of this culture and this dance, as a vector of peace, promoting origins and religion equality.

When we jump on stage for our show, we always give it our best. Each of our moves is as a group of dancers, all on the same wavelength, the same aim, the same motivation. We do believe, consciously or not, that the dances we perform, the values we have, and our friendship could inspire people watching us, and expand the tolerance and open-mindedness that every world citizen should have.

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