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The 2017 World of Dance Finals will be held in Pasadena on July 22, 2017, and we can’t wait. This annual event features the winners of World of Dance competitions around the world—the best of the best—facing off to win the title, plus performances by industry starts, vendors, DJs, artists, and a lot more. In anticipation of this must-see event, we’re getting to know the many competitors from around the world.

Today, we’re meeting AGNY, Upper Division Winners of World of Dance St. Petersburg 2017. We caught up with the crew to find out how they met, what it was like to compete in WOD, what they’re looking forward to, and more.


Crew name: AGNY

Title: Upper Division Winners of World of Dance St. Petersburg 2017

Hometown: Moscow, Russia

Members: Anastasiya Abysheva (Yurasova), Irina Podshivalova, Kristina Belova, Anastasiya Bagdasarova, Tatyana Isupova, Elena Isupova, Marina Malykh, Julia Kuzmina, Yana Ruselevich, Elizaveta Sergeeva, Dana Alimhanova, Asya Chernysheva, Svetlana Chulkova, Tatyana Ermolenko

WOD: Can you give us a little background about the crew: how long have you been together/how did you meet? 

AGNY: In 2012 choreographer Nastya Yurasova founded her crew AGNY, dancing in a unique style called Frame Up Strip. This style was created by Nastya Yurasova. We don’t want to describe Frame Up in word; just come and see it at the World of Dance competition! For 5 years, AGNY crew has developed its dance technique, presented dozens of shows, and managed to gain recognition in the Russian dance community. We believe that it’s time to show our way of dancing abroad. 

WOD: Other than winning first place, what was your favorite part of competing at the World of Dance qualifier?

AGNY: It was the biggest and most comfortable stage within our recollection. Awesome atmosphere, charismatic show host, professional judges—they were all great. This day will stay with us for a long time! 

WOD: What do you think made your performance stand out enough to win?

AGNY: Our style and performance excite foreign choreographers who come to Russia. They say there is something new and special in what we do. So we are sure that will surprise judges and spectators. Will we win? It is hard to predict because tastes differ, also somebody might find us unacceptable. All other crews have the same chance to win. But we hope that people will understand us and our vision of dance. 

WOD: What’s your crew’s dance philosophy?

AGNY: A hallmark of our shows is a plot that goes on till an unpredictable end. For example, our previous show was based on the Cinderella story. The show that we will present at the WOD Finals tells a story of one French girl and her letter from a lover. 

In our art we think about others’ opinion, of course, but even if it is negative, we keep doing what we want. We are sure that our dance should be exactly as it is. Without this way of thinking we would have never started this unique style. 

There would be no AGNY without our choreographer Nastya, who inspires us, makes up all the shows, trusts us, and never gives up on her ideas. So if she tells us to find a bell as props or jump through the head, we will finally do it 🙂 

WOD: What are you most excited about for the WOD Finals in Pasadena?

AGNY: We are excited to present our dance style and our country to dancers from all over the world, to meet a lot of people with a common interest, to see performances from numerous countries and cities with our own eyes. Only a year ago taking part in the World of Dance Finals was a big dream for us—and now it’s gonna come true. 


WOD: Anything else before we go?

AGNY: We would like to thank Bosco Sport (Bosco di Ciliegi company), the sponsor of our team. Bosco not only produces excellent clothes but they support sport in general, which is very important. We are very grateful for their help; they made our WOD dream come true. We would also like to thank everybody who organizes WOD Qualifiers and WOD Finals. These people supported us a lot during last few months, and they do a great job of gathering the dancing world together. Thank you so much!

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Catch AGNY competing at the 2017 World of Dance Finals in Pasadena on July 22. For tickets and more event info, visit World of Dance.

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