If you’ve been lucky enough to hit up a live World of Dance event then you’re most likely familiar with Brandon ‘Knowbody’ Greathouse. From being an epic host for the Headbangerz Brawl to hitting the stage to perform, WOD wouldn’t be the same without him. Check out his performance from the WOD Los Angeles this year.

Great news for Knowbody fans, he’s just released his new album “Still Dreamin.” We caught up with him to talk about the album, WOD, and more.

WOD: Can you tell us a little bit about how you got involved in WOD?

BG: I got involved with WOD 1st as a judge for the Headbangerz brawl then shortly after that i became the official host for the Headbangerz brawl. What drew me to WOD was the opportunity to share my passion and love for dance with the dancers from all over the world. It’s not everyday that the biggest organization in our art form ask you to be apart of it. So when this opportunity came, it wasn’t a hard decision.

WOD: What was the inspiration/spark that motivated you to create an album?

BG: The creation of this project started about 6 months ago. I’ve always been making beats and recording songs because I love the music. But i wasn’t planning to release any of it to the public. But that all changed when a festival that I had gotten booked on in Europe (for dancing) gave me the opportunity to perform my music. I taught at this festival the last 3 years. At the end of the 2nd year I told them I wanted to perform some of my songs. At first I know they didn’t take me seriously but they told me to submit my show to them. So when I got back to the states I started putting it together. Long story short, me and 8 of my crew members performed a 30 min set at the festival this year and got invited back next year…

WOD: What are you most proud of from this project?

BG: The thing I’m most proud about when it comes to this project is I did all of the production and engineering myself, no major labels, no big studios, no budgets… just me in bedrooms, hotel rooms, on planes, in airports, in cars… where ever I could get a chance to get it in… when I hear the album I’m so humbled by the amount of work that I got done in 6 months. not just one album but 2 “Still Dreamin” and “Still Dreamin 2” both on all of the streaming sites and itunes, amazon, google play etc…

WOD: Anything else to add?

BG: The one thing I’d like to add is to all of the people out there that gave up on their dreams, it’s never to late go do what was in your heart to do. Know that you have great value and purpose. This album isn’t just music for me it’s a reminder to keep chasing my dreams no matter how crazy they seem to others. If you see it and believe you can do it. Put in the work and watch your dreams come to life.

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