What began as a roadside berry stand and Chicken Dinner Restaurant in Buena Park, California, nearly 100 years ago, has now evolved into one of Southern California’s most popular theme park destinations, attracting visitors from all over the world each year. Anchored in its rich California history and charm, Knott’s Berry Farm now bursts with attractions and entertainment for all ages, including first-class roller coasters and thrill rides, elaborate stage shows, interactive entertainment, and family-friendly fun featuring Snoopy and the Peanuts Gang. To complete the family resort, the Knott’s Soak City Waterpark and Knott’s Hotel are located within walking distance of the theme park. Plus, true to its roots, Knott’s continues to serve up delicious food creations that can only be found at Knott’s Berry Farm.

When it comes to rollercoasters, Knott’s offers something for everyone, from seasoned coaster enthusiasts to those who are experiencing the thrill and excitement for the first time. This summer, Knott’s welcomed a brand new dive coaster, HangTime, the first and only dive coaster in California. HangTime towers 150 feet over the Boardwalk area, showcasing five gravity-defying inversions, mid-air suspensions and twisting dive tracks. HangTime is only the second rollercoaster in the Western Hemisphere to feature a negative-g stall loop, which gives riders the sensation of floating. At a maximum speed of 57 mph, HangTime comes to a life as the sun sets each night by illuminating the Boardwalk areas with vibrant nighttime track chase lighting offering a spectacular view unlike any other.

Knott's Berry Farm

Knott’s has plenty of must-see entertainment offerings that everyone in the family will love. During the 2018 summer season, Knott’s introduced two brand new shows and the return of the award-winning interactive story of the Wild West, Ghost Town Alive!  With Ghost Town Alive! guests are invited to visit the beloved town of Calico to experience an authentic western adventure by becoming a star and influencing the day’s evolving storyline. Each guest has the power to unlock their own adventure through interactions with the townsfolk or by joining in on the town’s activities. This year, the town of Calico bursts to life with new adventures and guest interactions. Gold has been discovered in town and guests will get swept up in gold fever as the good citizens of Calico set their sights on seeking their fortunes. Available select days through September 3rd.

Knott's Berry Farm

Recently debuting at the Charles M. Schultz Theatre, Beach Blanket Beagle is a musical dance party set to the classic beach comber tunes of the 60’s and 70’s, and stars the coolest beagle around, Snoopy!. At the Calico Mine Stage, Knott’s introduced another new show called Calico’s Mountain Jamboree! It’s a stunt-filled dance and stunt spectacle featuring the rivalry between the Timber Mountain Loggers and the Calico Miners set to an upbeat soundtrack and comedy galore. Both shows run select days June 9th – August 19th.  For information on seasonal entertainment opportunities please visit knotts.com

A visit to Southern California isn’t complete without a day spent enjoying the iconic, Knott’s Berry Farm, California’s first theme park.