Polyna, set to take over the wheels of the music industry as she proudly announces the release of her latest single “COMPLICATED” available via: 50/50 Global Muzik/BMG/Sony/The Orchard on Spotify and iTunes.

She originally hails from a ‘dark town’ in Siberia – one, which doesn’t appear on any map – a Plutonium making town, no less. Nevertheless, her manifold talents could not remain hidden for too long, as she embarked on an artistic career, which eventually saw her go on to become one of the most successful performers in Moscow’s artistic community.

Polyna now lives in East London where she makes her Arctic, frosted art-pop music with emotional and sometimes dramatic intimacy. Polyna says,

“Complicated is a good record, letting people know that there can be Complications on all levels in life, you just have to go for it. Things get Complicated, but if you dive in, whatever it might be relationships, career, love stick with it, it will find its way to you.”

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