The song “Mr. Glock” by Key Glock is a must listen for all rap enthusiasts. Artist Key Glock does not disappoint with this track and other projects they are releasing. Be sure to follow Key Glock to see what else he is currently working on! We are sure this song has been stuck in your head and wanting you to get “bag after bag after bag.”

Recently @rugrxtreese has gone viral online dancing Memphis Jookin to Key Glock’s song “Mr. Glock” and now we want to see you do the same! Memphis Jookin is a dance style that first started in Memphis, Tennessee in the 80’s. What started as the “Gangsta Walking” style has evolved into the style seen in @rugrxtreese online video that incorporates complex footwork, glides, and toes spins.

Show off your Memphis Jookin energy to “Mr. Glock” using the tags #KeyGlock, #MrGlock, and #MrGlockChallenge for a change to be featured on the @MemphisJookin Instagram page. Watch these submissions from @sheopatra_jones, @dance10fikshun, and @ladiayates that went all out for this challenge! Your turn could be next!