It’s happened to all of us. You hit that snooze one too many times or get invited to a last minute brunch when you’re still in bed. But never fear, the beauty gurus of YouTube have blessed us with a multitude of five-minute makeup routines that are a lifesaver (trust us). Master one of the tutorials below and veneer worry about being not being Insta-ready ever again. 

Cydnee Black

Beauty blogger Cydnee Black takes you through her five-minute routine (including hair) and the result is nothing short of fabulous. With just a few products, this video gets straight down to business so you can be out the door and ready to take on the world.

Christine Le

Christine Le really backs up her claims by taking you through her time saving routine with a timer. Using only nine products, she proves that you can look camera ready no time. Be warned, people will want to know your secret- it’s up to you if you want to let them in on it.

Allie Glines

Say it with me- ONLY FIVE PRODUCTS! Seem to good to be true? Allie Glines talks you through step by step (with a timer) and might make you question why any of us ever spend more than five minutes on our makeup in the morning. 

Laura Lee

Not only is it quick, but all the products beauty guru Laura Lee uses can be picked up from your local drugstore. Cheap, lazy, and flawless? That’s the ultimate win-win in our book. 

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