Hit with Super-Dancer Serum this time, Captain America—under the guise of his actor alter ego Chris Evans—gave back to the country he loves so dearly with a delightful dance display, even though he was a bit hesitant to do so on national television.

Earlier this week, Evans appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show alongside his 10-year-old Gifted costar McKenna Grace. As is the case with just about every kid, especially those at weddings, Grace loves to dance. So she’s naturally a pretty avid fan of Ellen DeGeneres and her constant habit of busting moves.

DeGeneres also has quite the habit of unveiling her guests’ secret skills and talking them into cute antics accordingly. This time was no exception.

“You know, he took tap,” DeGeneres said, pointing to the actor. “He knows how to tap dance.”

“Yes, I do know that,” Grace answered. “He did promise he would tap dance for me sometime, but…”

“Oh, really?” DeGeneres replied, delighted to hear of such a pledge. “Maybe today is the day. Why don’t you tap dance for us?”

Ever the charming leading man, Evans bashfully shrugged it off.

“Please,” Grace followed. “But I won’t make you if you don’t want to…”

Not one to let down a sweet kid and a cheering audience, Evans delivered and it was pretty awesome.

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