NBC World of Dance season 2 came full force with hard-hitting hip hop crews from around the world. Hailing all the way from Chihuahua, Mexico, Connection Crew left their mark on the World of Dance stage by mixing their strong and daring hip-hop style with a little bit of sexy latino flair.

Made up of twelve dancers between the ages of 15-25, Connection has been dancing together for 6 years.

“We all met at a local dance studio named D’ansa Jazz Stage, and we became best friends...” Having previously won Mexico’s Hip-Hop National Championships four times, these best friends were excited and nervous to compete on such a global stage.

“At first we felt that we were not good enough. But thanks to everyone at WOD, we realized how much potential we had and that as long as we stayed together and kept pushing, we could achieve our dreams!”

And it was that “just keep pushing” mentality that kept them in the competition all the way into the cut round, where they were knocked out by a mere 0.4 points. But they didn’t let that get them down! The team made sure to make history on the show, even coining their signature move, the “neck-break SHABLAM” in the duels round. (0:50)


Dancing together means a lot more than just being an internationally renowned hip-hop crew to Connection.

“Dance pretty much saved us. It took us away from a lot of bad stuff that used to happen in our city. It made us better people and gave us this HUGE opportunity! Besides, dance is a global language. Everybody loves it.” 

As for now, the team is back home in Chihuahua teaching at their studio, going to school, planning new projects and constantly striving to be the best they can be. And being what dance has done to improve the lives of these twelve young men, they want all of their followers to know just how important it is to do what you love, and do it always. 

“If you have a dream, GO FOR IT! Its not going to be easy, it’s not going to be fast, but at the end if you just really TRY and give your best, you can go anywhere! That’s what happened to us!”



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