Cheyenne Adele Rose

Special Projects Director

Current Events Director for World of Dance. She has worked on NBC World of Dance Season's 3 & 4, and served as project manager for the World of Dance LIVE Tour and World of Dance's partnership with the Dallas Mavericks.

Chelsea Gray

Director, US Events

Grew up creating dance recitals and memories with my sisters, now I'm doing it for others as the Events Director for the WOD U.S. Championship Series.

David Gonzalez


Founder and President of World of Dance, and a live entertainment authority with 30+ years developing lifestyle brands and events.


Matthew Everitt

CEO, World of Dance Studios

Champion for artists, innovators, and visionaries... driven to provide opportunity and encouragement to dancers around the world.


Mike McGinn

Digital Director

Mike McGinn is the Co-Founder of World of Dance and Digital Director.