The series premiere of NBC’s World of Dance didn’t disappoint for a moment. The fast-paced, entertaining episode contained high-energy performances that not only lived up to the caliber expected from World of Dance, it exceeded expectations in so many ways.

Didn’t get a chance to watch? Check it out here, and read on for clips and performance highlights.

The show began with a summary of how the competition will run, leading up to the finale where finalists compete for the $1 million prize. We met our judges, and learned about how each performance is scored.


Team Super Cr3w (Team)

This b-boy crew has been dancing together for 17 years with awards earned by the group and individuals alike. Their performance kicked off the competition with high energy, creativity, athleticism, and passion that fired up the crowd and impressed the judges.

“I was afraid to look away because I was afraid I was going to miss something,” J-Lo said about their performance, “that’s how exciting you made it.”

Final score = 88


D’Angelo and Amanda (Junior)

This ballroom duo has been dancing together for more than 10 years, since Amanda was 7, and D’Angelo was 6. Coached by D’Angelo’s dad Manny, they go spend virtually all their time together between school and rehearsals.

Their performance showcased their technique and skills that set them apart, in what Ne-Yo called a “standard setting” performance. They even got Derek shaking his hips, showcasing his Latin and ballroom dance background, as he gave advice on bringing their performance to a higher level.

Final score = 88.3


Les Twins (Upper)

Laurent and Larry’s reputation preceded them onto the stage. They started as street performers in their hometown of Paris, France where their YouTube success caught the eyes of Jay-Z and Beyonce, landing them a touring gig with Beyonce for 6 years.

Their passion, emotion, style, skill, and the unique connection as twins, made them unforgettable. Already known “living legends” they had the judges on their feet applauding.

Final score = 95.7


Nxt Lvl (Team)

Hailing from their show in South Carolina, Nxt Lvl was the first clogging performance of the night. They truly take the traditional clogging style to the next level with their modern music, moves, and synchronicity.

While the judges were impressed by their unexpected performance, it didn’t quite live up to the expectations and caliber the judges were expecting.

Final score = 77


Keone & Mari (Upper)

Husband and wife urban dance duo Keone and Mari have been married for 4 years and are known in part for their YouTube success. Their video featuring choreography to Justin Bieber’s Love Yourself has more than a million views.

Their performance included synchronicity and musicality and showed their amazing ability as performers. The upbeat choreography had added passion with Mari’s unexpected moments of grace and breath.

Final score = 85


Kinjaz (Team)

The self-proclaimed “family of ninjas” is an urban-dancing brotherhood of dancers that draws inspiration from movies, fantasy, and anime.

Their performance was dynamic and nothing short of amazing. They played off each other’s strength, movement, and whether the choreography was the simple movement of a finger or break dancing. Fluid, sharp, together, and dynamic, they didn’t need huge tricks to capture the judges and audience. “That is the power of synchronicity, that is the power of movement,” Ne-Yo said.

Final score = 91

Diana Pombo (Junior)

The 11-year-old contemporary dancer has been dancing since in the womb. She’s harnessed her passion and energy in dance, and flawlessly combines passion, heart, flexibility, and strength.

Diana had an emotional moment with her idol, J-Lo who shared words of encouragement to the young dancer.

Final score = 89.7

Catch as the qualifiers continue next episode, Tuesday at 10/9 central. And don’t miss the rest of the season as performers get mentoring from the judges and Jenna, as we progress to finals, where only one act can win the $1 million prize.