Erick Hercules x Ayoinmotion

I was leaving Dumbo House one windy night a couple of months ago, when I met Ayoinmotion. His presence was filled with an energy one sees in a person who loves what they do. We clicked right away. Turns out Ayoinmotion is an incredible Afrobeats musician who combines his native tunes with modern poetry and vibes to produce heartfelt energetic music that resonates with a soul of its own.

After our immediate conversation, he was kind enough to invite me to one of the concerts he was having in partnership with Carnegie Hall the following day, a concert that I, unfortunately, couldn’t attend. Then he left for Japan.

Coming back to the states after touring Asia, we decided to catch up again, this time determined to find a way to collaborate. He told me he was about to film a short video in SoHo for his new single “Fkboi” with his go-to dancers whom he told me so much about, so I figured this was the time to make it happen.

Excited to share this behind-the-scenes gallery featuring Ayoinmotion and the incredible dancers in his team, all tagged below! Check out his incredible music HERE



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