Erick Hercules x Waffle Crew

The other day I hung out with my good friends Joel Kozik and Moe Black from the legendary W.A.F.F.L.E Crew. This light feet squad is known for their fun and high-spirited acrobatic movements.

They’ve been repping the #WeLevitate movement in the streets of New York for some time now, so I figured this would be a great time to share their moves with you! Joel and Moe are the kind of dancers who are down to do 10 backflips back to back (to back) to make sure you have more than one photo option from all angles!

Together with my good friend, videographer Max Reed, we captured some fun footage of what it’s like to break it down on Canal Street, NYC with Joel and Moe.

We hope you enjoy this set of new photos, and remember to hashtag #WeLevitate alongside your aerodynamic dance moves to be part of the biggest levitation movement without photoshop!

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