Want to know what all the NBC World of Dance buzz is about? Here’s everything you need to know, from who the judges are, to how it works, to the competitors, and more.

What Is NBC World of Dance?

NBC World of Dance is a dance competition show unlike anything you’ve ever seen. In this 10-episode show, we watch the world’s best dancers—from all over the globe, really—compete to win an incredible $1 million prize. Celebrity judges Jennifer Lopez, Ne-Y0, Derek Hough, and host/mentor Jenna Dewan Tatum support and critique competitors. The competitors themselves come from all sorts of dancing backgrounds: hip hop, tap, ballet, contemporary, Irish dance, flamenco, salsa, ballroom, clogging, and more. There are individuals, duos, and teams of all ages and backgrounds, both pros, up-and-comers, and undiscovered. It’s a true celebration of all things dance from every corner of the world.

What’s the NBC World of Dance Prize?

$1 million. Again, that’s the largest prize a dance competition show has ever given out. It’s also an amount of money that pro dancers never get. As Ne-Yo told Access Hollywood Live, it’s well known that dancers are not compensated well although they work as hard as the artists, but they don’t get the spotlight or money. This is truly a life-changing amount of money for a hardworking dancer (or dancers).

What Makes NBC World of Dance Different?

While most other competition shows feature specific genres, such as the ballroom styles of Dancing With the Stars or the hip hop crews of America’s Best Dance Crew, NBC World of Dance is a dance show that is seeking to find the best dancers in the world. It doesn’t matter if you’re a 19-year-old tap dancer from the Midwest (like Kyle Van Newkirk) or Beyoncé’s backup dancers (like Les Twins). It doesn’t matter if they’re world champion ballroom dancers (like DNA) or street dancers from Vegas (like Fik-Shun). On the NBC World of Dance stage, everyone has an equal chance to wow the judges—and the world.

NBC World of Dance

Who Are the NBC World of Dance Judges?

The NBC World of Dance judges panel features some of the best dancers in the industry.

Jennifer Lopez started her career in dance as a fly girl on In Living Color, is the executive producer behind the show. Her impressive career is a testament to her work ethic and discipline learned from being a dancer—and we can’t get enough. Find out more about J-Lo:

Derek Hough started his dance training as a child, trained in the UK and ultimately becoming a world-renowned dancer. He came to international fame for his success on Dancing with the Stars. Find out more about Derek:

Ne-Yo is a multi-platinum dancer, producer, vocalist, and performer. Dance has always been a part of his artistry, so he’s excited to judge NBC World of Dance. He does say, however, that he’s gained the reputation as the tough judge. For more about Ne-Yo:

Jenna Dewan Tatum isn’t sitting at the judge’s table for NBC World of Dance. Instead, she’s lending her support to the competitors as a host/mentor. Having come up as a dancer in the industry (she’s best known for her debut in Step Up), she knows exactly where they’re coming from. For more about Jenna Dewan Tatum:

NBC World of Dance

How Does It Work?

NBC World of Dance competitors were handpicked from qualifying events around the nation and thousands of online submissions. The show divides competitors into three divisions:

  1. Junior (any size act, 17 years old and under)
  2. Upper (groups of 1-4, 18 and older)
  3. Team (groups of 5+, 18 and older).

The judges then scores the acts with a precise point system (developed by world of dance). They’re judged on 5 criteria:

  1. Performance
  2. Technique
  3. Choreography
  4. Creativity
  5. Presentation

The competition consists of five rounds:

  1. Qualifiers, Duels
  2. The Cut
  3. Divisional
  4. Finals
  5. Grand Final

In the first four rounds, dancers only compete within their division, but in the Grand Finale the winner from each division will compete against each other for the grand prize.

Who are the NBC World of Dance Competitors?

The competitors come from all over the world. While their styles, age, and backgrounds may differ, they all have the same things common: incredible talent and a love of dance.

NBC World of Dance


801 Squad (Ballroom/Jazz: 17 members)

From: Orem, UT

801 Squad is a group of dancers from Center Stage Performing Arts Studio, a ballroom fusion dance company, which was named  “Studio of the Year” by The Dance Awards in 2012. All the dancers are trained in Ballroom, Hip Hop, Jazz, Contemporary, Musical Theater and Ballet.

801 Squad on NBC World of Dance

801 Squad

Alaman (Tap: Solo)

From: Los Angeles, Calif.

Considered to be one of the best Tap dancers of his generation, Alaman Diadhiou is a highly-trained prodigy who has received accolades from Young Arts and the NAACP. In 2014, he performed on Broadway alongside mega-star Mariah Carey. Instagram @Alamonster

Boys of Temecula (Jazz: 20 members)

From: Temecula, Calif.

The Boys of Temecula have been a tight-knit group for the past 10 years at the Temecula Dance Company. They have worked with stars like Janet Jackson, Missy Elliot Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande and performed at the Super Bowl. Instagram @boysoftemecula

D’Angelo & Amanda (Ballroom: Duo)

From: Miami, Fla.

As an inseparable ballroom duo, D’Angelo and Amanda are a powerhouse team, taking home top titles both nationally and internationally. Instagram @amanda_carbajales / @dangelocastro

Diana Pombo (Contemporary: Solo)

From: Miami, Fla.

Over the course of her young career, Diana has already earned multiple national titles, most notably, Mini Female Dancer 2016 at the prestigious “National: The Dance Awards.” As a result, she toured with the world-renowned faculty of Break the Floor Productions. At age nine, she was also the youngest National Artists Simply Human assistant to tour with the faculty. Instagram @diana_sofia11

Diana Pombo on NBC world of dance

Diana Pombo

Eva Igo (Contemporary: Solo)

From: Inver Grove Heights, Minn.

As a dancer from the esteemed Larkin Dance Studio, Eva Igo secured regional titles by age seven and national titles by age 11. She trains in numerous styles of dance- Jazz, Tap, Musical Theatre, Hip Hop, Ballet, Pointe and Contemporary. Instagram @evaigo2002

ImmaBEAST (Hip Hop: 12 members)

From: Los Angeles, Calif.

Known as one of the global leaders in viral YouTube dancers, ImmaBEAST boasts an impressive collective resume- from performing at the White house, to dancing alongside superstars like Mariah Carey. Instagram @immabeastco

JJ and Joey (Hip Hop: Duo)

From: Johnston, Rhode Island

Four years ago these two esteemed dancers hit the stage and the audience was instantly impressed by their raw talent and super strength. They have been performing together ever since growing, training and getting stronger. This dynamic duo is truly one of a kind. Instagram @joeya161616  / @jj_pincince

Kaeli and Brandon (Ballet: Duo)

From: Ashburn, Va.

Kaeli was the youngest dancer to be accepted into The American Ballet Theatre Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis School’s pre-professional program. At the Theatre, she shared the stage with Misty Copeland in “The Nutcracker.” Brandon, most notably, won the Hope Award and the Youth America Grand Prix in 2010. As a duo, they have won top titles at dance competitions like Starpower International and Revolution Talent Competition. Instagram @brandon_talbott / @kaeliware5678

Kaeli and Brandon NBC World of Dance

Kaeli and Brandon

KYNTAY (Hip Hop/Jazz: Duo)

From: Canada & Memphis, Tenn.

Kyndall and Taylor formed an unbreakable friendship when they were the only two kids booked as featured dancers on Janet Jackson’s Unbreakable World Tour. They have spent the last year together fine-tuning their skills from this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.  Instagram @kyndallharris   / @tayd_dance

Mini ReQuest (Hip Hop: 13 members)

From: New Zealand

Following in the footsteps of ReQuest dance crew, Mini Request have competed at the World Hip Hop Dance Championships earning multiple titles over the last seven years.

The Lab (Hip Hop: 10 members)

From: Los Angeles, Calif.

From performing with Justin Bieber to winning the top Junior Division title at the Hip Hop International in 2015, The Lab has been an unstoppable force in the hip hop world. In the last year, the crew has won first place at every hip hop competition they have competed in. Instagram @inthelab247

The Maya Boys (Breakdancing: Duo)

From: Phoenix, Ariz.

The Maya Boys are B-Boy prodigies and World Championship-winning break dancers. The brothers learned their moves from their dad. They are hoping to give back to their parents for all the sacrifices they’ve made to make their dreams come true. Instagram @themayaboys

The Mihacevich Sisters (Contemporary: 3 members)

From: Brunswick, OH

These sisters have been dancing together their entire lives and self-choreographed their first trio performance together six years ago. With national titles to their name, The Mihacevich Sisters are ready to take their dance career to the next step #mihacevichsisters.

The Posse (Contemporary: 7 members)

From: San Jose, Calif.

After gaining accolades from winning top titles at local and national competitions, The Posse received international exposure after working with retailer H&M and superstars Justin Bieber and Sia. They are also the reigning National Grand Champions at the Radix Dance Convention. The group currently trains at Nor Cal Dance Arts. Instagram @possedancecompany


Chapkis Dance Family (Hip Hop: 19 members)

From: Bay Area, Calif.

The Chapkis Dance Family has taken the hip hop world by storm over the last 10 years, earning first place titles in the Mega Crew, Junior and Varsity divisions of Hip Hop International 2014 and 2016. Instagram @Chapkisdance

FUZE (Ballroom Fusion: 10 members)

From: Los Angeles, Calf.

FUZE was formed by choreographer Alan Salazar, whose mission is to pay it forward. Many of his students are joining his team to show their support for all he’s done for them and for an opportunity to showcase their talent.

Fuze NBC World of Dance


Ian Eastwood and the Young Lions (Urban Dance: 7 members)

From: Los Angeles, Calif.

From dancing in music videos with Tori Kelly to acting as lead choreographer in music videos for artists like Chance the Rapper Ian Eastwood heads a handpicked team of protégés trained in his unique style. Instagram @Ian_Eastwood / @Young_Lions_Dance

Jabbawockeez (Hip Hop: 9 members)

From: Sacramento, Calif.

Jabbawockeez is an internationally known dance team who has amassed large success with its Las Vegas resident shows. In 2012, the group was honored for its contribution to the dance community with Hip Hop International’s Living Legend of Hip Hop Award, which made them the first dance crew to ever receive the esteemed award.  In 2016, Jabbawockeez danced alongside Bruno Mars during The American Music Awards. Instagram @jabbawockeez

Kinjaz (Urban Dance: 13 members)

From: Los Angeles, Calif.

Kinjaz is a brotherhood of dancers known for their intricate choreography style and storytelling through dance, media and positive mentality. They have performed with artists like The Chainsmokers and Troy Boi among others. Instagram @kinjaz

Miami All Stars (Ballroom: 19 members)

From: Miami, Fla.

Led by world-renowned ballroom choreographers Manny and Lory Castro, the wild, vivacious group from Miami is known for one thing:  diversity, both on and off the dance floor. Instagram @dancetownmiami

NXT LVL (Clogging: 9 members)

From: Myrtle Beach, S.C.

Next Level is a group of renowned clogging dancers determined to put their dance style in the spotlight it deserves. They were awarded the highest honor in clogging, the Pioneer Award in 2012.

P.L.A.Y. (Contemporary: 8 members)

From: New York, N.Y.

P.L.A.Y. is a collective of eight contemporary dancers from Pilobolus Dance Theater, an internationally-acclaimed dance company popular for its \ diverse collaborations that break the barriers between creative disciplines. They incorporate their expertise from Broadway, Metropolitan Opera House and Momix to form an unstoppable dance ensemble.

ProdiJIG (Irish Step: 7 members)

From: Cork, Ireland

Led by World Champion Irish Dancer Alan Kenfick, ProdiJIG combines Irish dance, pop and hip hop into their distinctive style- the evolution of Irish dance. Instagram @prodijig_official

ProdiJIG NBC World of Dance


Rhythmatic (Tap: 5 members)

From: New York, N.Y. and Los Angeles, Calif.

Developed by Nick Young, these five master tap dancers use their feet as an instrument.  Their ultimate intention is to introduce America to the raw intricacies and heart of tap.

Rouge (Hip Hop/Jazz: 8 members)

From: Los Angeles, Calif.

Rouge is a group of eight empowered girls handpicked from the world-renowned Millennium Dance Studios in Los Angeles. They are self-proclaimed underdogs.

Royal Flux (Contemporary: 7 members)

From: Los Angeles, Calif.

Using extreme stunts and athletic movement, Royal Flux is not your typical contemporary group.  The group is comprised of athletes, who have a distinctive style and passion for their work. Instagram @royalfluxdance

Stroll Groove (Stepping: 9 members)

From: Los Angeles, Calif.

Stroll Groove has taken the Los Angeles dance scene by storm, creating immersive performances that nod to classic stepping. Their crew represents ‘progress’ in their art form and their message to the world. Instagram @strollgroove

Stroll Groove NBC World of Dance

Stroll Groove

Super Cr3w (Breakdancing: 11 members)

From: Las Vegas, Nev. and Los Angeles, Calif.

Established in 2000, the crew has made appearances in music videos and toured with internationally-acclaimed music icons like Madonna, Fergie and Justin Timberlake among several others. As a result, they were the first hip-hop dance crew to ever perform inside the White House in 2010. The dancers have also won prestigious competitions like the “Red Bull BC One” World Championship. Instagram @supercr3w (Instagram)

Swing Latino (Salsa: 16 members)

From: Cali, Colombia

Swing Latino School was created to be an outlet for children in poverty to give them a place to go off of the streets. They’ve become a world-class Colombian salsa dance group and a must-see attraction in Cali, Colombia. In 2006 and 2007, Swing Latino took home the top title in the Las Vegas Salsa Championship. Instagram @swinglatinocali

The Kingdom (Dancehall/Hip hop: 14 members)

From: Los Angeles, Calif.

The Kingdom is a merge of not only cultures, but also dance styles such as Dancehall, Krump, Hip Hop and Contemporary. Their collective resume includes performances with Alicia Keys, Lady Gaga, Pharrell Williams and numerous concerts and festivals.


AL TAW’AM (Hip Hop: Duo)

From: Twin Cities, Minn.

Twin sisters Iman and Khadijah are self-taught, professional dancers who fine-tuned their skills in their home studio. Devoted to their Muslim faith, these twins never step on the stage without their hijabs. Instagram @iman_and_khadijah

Al Taw'am NBC World of Dance

Al Taw’am

DNA (Ballroom: Duo)

From: New York, N.Y.

The Ukrainian-born couple grew up with a passion for ballroom dance. Denys Drozdyuk is a three-time World Ballroom Dance champion and was the first and only Ballroom dancer ever to be accepted to Juilliard.  Together, Drozdyuk and Antonina Skobina are an unstoppable duo winning two US National Ballroom championship titles and are World Championship Finalists. Find out more about DNA in our Q&A.

Instagram: @dna_denysantonina | Facebook: @DNADenysAntonina | Website:www.dnadenysantonina.com | Denys’ instagram: @denys_drozdyuk | Antonina’s Instagram: @antoninaskobina

FEMME FATALE (Popping: Duo)

From: Los Angeles, Calif.

This international trio puts their female empowerment on full display during their stylistic routines. They plan to make their careers on a national stage.

FIK-SHUN (Hip Hop: Solo)

From: Las Vegas, Nev.

Fik-shun combines his disciplined martial arts background with the free flowing style of hip hop to form his own form of dance. His love of performing and competitive nature fueled him to pursue the career path he wanted, one of a global entertainer. Instagram @dance10fikshun

KEONE & MARI (Urban Dance: Duo)

From: San Diego, Calif.

Keone and Mari have proven that their four feet are better than two as they have become prominent choreographers for some of the biggest music videos in recent years for artists such as Justin Bieber. In 2015, they choreographed Flying Lotus’ music video for “Never Catch Me,” featuring Kendrick Lamar, which received an MTV Video Music Awards nomination. Instagram @keonemadrid / @marrrrriel

KINGS UNITE (Hip Hop: 4 Members)

From: Los Angeles, Calif.

Kings Unite formed on the prestigious floor of Los Angeles’s Millennium Dance Complex. The group has toured the world as back-up dancers and appeared in music videos alongside pop icons Janet Jackson, Backstreet Boys, Taylor Swift and Prince.


From: Morrill, Neb.

This small town dancer has broken boundaries and pushed the envelope during his short career as he’s gone from rehearsing in his basement to winning world championship for tap dancing. Instagram @kyle_vanny

LES TWINS (Hip Hop: Duo)

From: Paris, France

These Parisian born twin brothers have made their way from performing on the streets of Paris to performing onstage alongside Beyoncé . They have garnered a global following and have collaborated with artists such as Jay-Z, Beyoncé and Missy Elliot. Instagram @officiallestwins

LUKA AND JENALYN (Cabaret Ballroom: Duo)

From: Toronto, Canada

Offering a  modern take on traditional ballroom dance, this young and dynamic duo have made an impression in the dance world with their unique style, which fuses ballroom dance with death-defying lifts and balances.  After only 3 short years of performing together, they were invited to the Blackpool Dance Festival and became the youngest pro-finalists in the history of the event. Instagram @luka.jenalyn

NICK DANIELS (Contemporary: Solo)

From: Miami, Fla.

Nick Daniels has spent nearly his entire life honing his skills at his mom’s dance studio in New Jersey. At the age of 16, he moved to Miami to train at the world-renowned Stars Dance Studio under the tutelage of highly respected coaching duo Victor Smalley and Angel Armas. Instagram @nick1epac

PASIÓN (Flamenco: 4 Members)

From: Santa Barbara, Calif.

Combining their precise and disciplined choreography of Flamenco style dance with percussive movements, Paison’s performances are something to experience both visually and audibly.

Pasion NBC World of Dance


QUICK STYLE (Hip Hop: 3 Members)

From: Oslo, Norway

Quick Style has drawn their influence from hip hop and their ethnic backgrounds. The trio has been competing and winning local, continental and international competitions for the past decade. Instagram @thequickstyle


From: Phoenix, Ariz.

This young couple fell in love with Ballet after watching their parents perform and teach as professional dancers. They dance at The Phoenix Ballet Company, and hope to set the stage on fire with the elegance and grace. Instagram @julietdoherty / @slawek_wozniak

THE NITTY GRITTYZ (Tap: 4 Members)

From: Los Angeles, Calif.

Lead by a Sesame Street and Broadway veteran who’s performed alongside Savion Glover and in front of Stevie Wonder, each member has spent the past several years teaching and now they want to prove they are the masters at their specialty. Rehearsing and perfecting their routine each member has hustled hard for their moment on the world’s stage.

TRENT JERAY (Memphis Jookin: Solo)

From: Memphis, Tenn.

For this Memphis born and raised dancer, jookin has always been a way of life. Raised by his supportive Grandmother, Trent has excelled at the art he loves and has made Memphis Jookin a household name. Instagram @Trentjookin901

VIBRATION (Bellydance: 3 Members)

From: Miami, Fla.

Sexy belly dancers merging their own unique backgrounds together to form an “extreme” fusion bellydance will to do ANYTHING to make this dream a reality.

Who Produces It?

NBC in partnership with Jennifer Lopez, Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas and Benny Medina, who are executive produces for Nuyorican Productions. Also executive producing are Kris Curry, Matilda Zoltowski, David Gonzalez, Matthew Everitt and Al Hassas. The series is produced by Universal Television Alternative Studio in association with Nuyorican Productions and World of Dance.

World of Dance is among the most trusted and fastest growing dance and music entertainment brands, combining a successful digital platform of more than eight million subscribers with the world’s largest international urban dance competition. What began in 2008 as a single event is now a continent-spanning, tour de force of human spirit and sick dance moves. The World of Dance Tour attracts YouTube stars, industry icons and tens of thousands of fans to events in more than 25 countries, spanning the U.S., Europe, South America and Asia. The inspiring performance videos captured from these events drive 30 million monthly views online, making World of Dance the largest dance entertainment channel on YouTube. No language barriers. No animosity. Just pure, awe-inspiring movement

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Where Can I Watch NBC World of Dance?

Tune into the premiere on NBC May 30, 2017 at 10/9 central.

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