Tap holds a special place in our hearts. It’s classic, timeless, and requires some serious skills. We were lucky enough to sit down with tap revolutionaries Caley & Kelsey to hear their amazing story. Check out one of their videos below, and read on for our exclusive Q&A.

WOD: Can you tell us about how/when you got into dance?

Kelsey: I started dancing at age 3 when my mom put me into tap classes. I’m sure at the time, she had no idea I would one day be doing it professionally 😉

Caley: One of those classic “my sister was dancing, so I wanted to dance too” stories. When I turned 18, I found my mentor Linda Sohl-Ellison, who brought me into her company.

WOD: When did you start dancing together/performing?

Caley & Kelsey: About 5 years ago, Kelsey was offered a gig at the gorgeous Edison Nightclub in Downtown Los Angeles. They originally wanted only 1 Tap dancer, but she pitched the idea of having a “modern- day Fred & Ginger” and it’s been history ever since. This was the first stage that we performed on together and will also be the same stage that we get married on this summer.

WOD: In addition to being dance partners, you’re getting married! What’s it like performing with your partner?

Caley & Kelsey: When it comes to working together, we both really appreciate the entire process- where does the inspiration of a piece come from? How does this piece of music make us feel? What costumes would help tell the story of our characters? Getting into the studio together and creating side by side is truly a dream come true for us. And then getting to jump on stage and perform it together…game over.

WOD: You’ve had some amazing opportunities to perform on various stages/locations. What’s a favorite and why?

Kelsey: Getting to coach Bette Midler last year for her Broadway performance of Hello Dolly was pretty incredible. She is the definition of a boss. SO cool to work with. As far as performances go, we just performed at the Walt Disney Concert Hall on NYE with Postmodern Jukebox. That was by far one of my favorite performances because not only was the crowd phenomenal and the venue just beautiful but…. Caley dipped me on stage and kissed me as soon as the clock hit 12. I mean come on, what better way to bring in the New Year than that.

Caley: I performed at “Hollywood Night Under the Stars” hosted by George Clooney, alongside Derek Hough. It’s not every day you get to perform knowing that Hugh Jackman, Bryan Cranston, George Clooney and others such as them where around for this performance.

WOD: What advice do you have for young dancers?

Caley & Kelsey: Stay true to yourself. Always do what makes YOU happy—never be persuaded by simply money and fame. And if you aren’t smiling, ask yourself “Why are you doing it?”

WOD: What’s your favorite thing about dance?

Kelsey: I love that Dance has the ability to tell a story simply through movement. No speaking, no vocals…. Dance can make you feel something on its own.

Caley: The Escape. That moment when you touch the stage and you go into that place of blurriness and a dream.  You walk off not quite sure what happened (especially after an improv set) but you know that was the best roller coaster you have ever been on and you’re waiting for the next time to get on!

WOD: What’s coming up next for you?

Well, we just kicked off our season teaching for Hollywood Dance Jamz Convention which is SO much fun. We also just hit the 5 month countdown until our wedding which we could not be more excited for.

WOD: What are your dance/choreography goals?

Always bringing Tap to television, creating more jobs for Tap dancers, and one day taking the title of “choreographers” to “creative directors.” 

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