These two sisters have showcased incredible skill and athleticism this season and are so perfectly in sync it blew the judges minds. Find out more about this sibling duo in WOD Magazine’s exclusive Q&A and watch their dynamic Finals routine below. 

WOD: How did it feel when you found out you’d be on Season 3?

EA: We were beyond excited, a little surprised, and a little nervous when we found out we would be on WOD. It’s a very surreal experience and it didn’t seem quite real until we were actually on set!

WOD: What style are you performing, and why? 

EA: We can both dance and are trained in all genres of dance (tap, jazz, ballet, ballroom, lyrical, hip hop, contemporary, etc.) but chose to do contemporary to really showcase our strengths. We felt this genre has the ability to best help us connect with the music and tell stories.

WOD: How long have you been dancing, or dancing with your group?

EA: We have danced together as a duet for two years but have been dancing together in groups for many years.

WOD: Where do you draw inspiration from? Who/what inspires you?

EA: We are inspired by so many different dancers and mentors, but our biggest inspiration is our grandma, Michele Larkin. She has made us into the dancers we are today through many years of training, love, support and challenge. We are honored to keep carrying on the Larkin legacy.

WOD: What do you think your fans would want to know about you?

EA: We are normal girls, that go to normal school (not homeschooled) and live normal lives (other than we eat, breathe, and sleep dance). We can relate to all of the hopes and challenges of kids growing up today.

WOD: Why do you think dance is important to the world?

EA: We think dance is really important way to still communicate in a very human and emotional way in a world that is becoming more and more digital and driven by technology. 

WOD: What sets you apart from the competition?

EA: We feel like our advantage in the competition was being sisters. This connection allowed us to trust each other completely, grow together throughout our time on WOD and connect on a very emotional level. This is something that is hard to replicate or learn with someone who isn’t blood related.

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