The Mini Bots are here on the NBC World of Dance stage to prove that small is mighty. Despite their age, this group is well on their way to mastering their art. Find out more about the Mini Bots in WOD Magazine’s exclusive Q&A and check out their moves in the clip below.

WOD: How did it feel when you found out you’d be on Season 3?

MB: Oh my gosh!! We all found out together as we were having a practice. Our coach AJ says “so I need to talk to you guys” in a serious tone and we got a little worried, then he said “so I need to tell you… guys made it onto World of Dance season 3!” We just ran around the room screaming and hugging each other because we were so happy!

WOD: What style are you performing, and why?

MB: We are performing a hip hop dance style called popping because we are all very trained and experienced in this style for our age. We have met several OGs of this style and have gotten a lot of feedback that has helped us along the way. We just want to show the world and the judges our favorite style of dance and how passionate we are about this style.

WOD: What cause or organization do you care about and would like World of Dance to promote?

MB: One of our members belongs to a nonprofit studio called PraiseTEAM and we would love to see them get their own studio because we are currently dancing in their gym. It’s a really cool organization so check them out. 

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