The Rookies have danced and slayed at competitions all over the world and came to the NBC World of Dance stage to spread their message of love and unity. Check out their moves below and learn more in the exclusive Q&A with WOD Magazine. 

WOD: What are you most excited/nervous about being on the show?

R: Just proud to have make it this far. Being featured on NBC World of Dance is incredible, we built this group from nothing and today we’re about to get feature on the biggest dance tv show. No matter what happens on the show it’s such an accomplishment to have made it here.

WOD: What sets you apart from the competition?

R: We are more than a crew. We are a business and a family, plus we produce everything we do by ourselves.

WOD: How did it feel when you found out you were going to be on Season 3?:

R: We were so excited and curious about what it was gonna be like. We grew up watching all the dance tv shows you could think of, and to be on the most relevant one of our time is just crazy.

WOD: Why do you think dance is important to the world?

R: We believe that one of the strongest powers of art, specifically dancing, is uniting people. Look at all the awesome crews that are on the show, from all across the globe. We want to set a great example to the rest of the world that it does not matter even a little where you are from, what your skin color is, or how much you weigh. We get along not because we look alike or have everything in common, but because we share this one magical thing that makes us all speak the same language.

WOD: What sets you apart from the rest of the competition?:

What sets us apart is that we manage the whole production of our crew by ourselves. We take care of all the financial stuff, we shoot and edit our own videos- literally everything that has to be done we do ourselves.

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