Unity LA has made their mark on the NBC World of Dance stage this season with their amazing tricks and pure strength. They took big risks and gave Ne-Yo his first ever “goosies.” Find out more about this amazing contemporary group in WOD Magazine’s exclusive Q&A and watch their incredible final performance below. 

WOD: How did it feel when you found out you’d be on Season 3?

ULA: Excitement, gratitude, and relief, because at the time we were deep in rehearsals preparing for the show and it feltgreat knowing that we could then continue this momentum and prepare everything knowing that we were gonna have the opportunity to showcase our work on the WOD

WOD: What style are you performing, and why?

ULA: Contemporary, by definition, is a fusion of multiple dance styles and this style rings true for UNITY LA as every dance we put together incorporates multiple styles and pulls from so many different movement vocabularies.

WOD: How long have you been dancing, or dancing with your group?

ULA: The company was established in 1994 and has had many generations of dancers. This current generation have been working with our founder Tessandra Chavez for many years and she has been an integral part of their training as young dancers perfecting their craft.

WOD: Where do you draw inspiration from? Who/what inspires you?

ULA: As a company, we draw inspiration from the great dance and musical legends that have come before us and have laid a path of greatness to follow and we hope to forge our own path and produce
timeless work.

WOD: What do you think your fans would want to know about you?

ULA: I think our fans would love to know that all the dancers are talented, humble, down-to-earth human beings with other talents and interests beyond just dance. Our performances tend to be all about passion, perfection, and epic work, but as human beings off the stage, the group is all fun, laughs, and good times.

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