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We already know that World of Dance winners are in an exclusive group. They’re some of the best crews in the world and their hard work, creativity, athleticism, and performance is something to be celebrated. This is why we’ve released the WOD Champion Jacket, available exclusively to World of Dance winners.

Created to honor the best of the best, only champions will earn the right to showcase this premium wearable trophy and represent the best dancers in the world wherever they go. Designed exclusively to honor our champions, this is only available to winners.

  • HAND-CRAFTED: Created with a hand-crafted wool body, rich black leather sleeves, and a classic letterman style fit.
  • EXCLUSIVE DESIGN: Embellished with exclusive WOD patches on the sleeves and custom design options available on the back to make it truly yours.

All 1st Place winning teams from the 2017/2018 WOD Upper, Junior, and All Styles division will be awarded one free Champions Jacket for their team MVP. Within 1 week of event competition, WOD will e-mail team director from winning teams with ordering info and details.

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