The Junior division of NBC World of Dance Season 2 won over our hearts and captivated our TVs with their stellar dance moves, inspiring stories, and high-energy performances.

One of those hard-hitting teams was the four person hip-hop group Freshh. Members Lucky, Ben, Emily and Travis were no shy to the competition stage, having previously competed at and won the IDO World Hip-Hop Championships, World of Dance Vancouver, and the World Hip-Hop Championships.

We caught up with the team to ask the questions we’ve all been dying to know:

How did it feel when you found out you’d be on NBC World of Dance?

It was surreal, we were still skeptical even when we were getting ready to leave. It wasn’t until we got to the LA airport when it hit us, the huge opportunity we were given.

What style of dance did you perform, and why?

Freshh displayed our high energy, hard hitting hip-hop for our first round. We wanted the audience watching our dance at home to feel our energy and emotion through their TV screens. Our duels round was more fun, more of an old school piece. We just wanted everyone standing on their feet and having a good time.

Do you have a signature move/trick?

Our signature style is when we break out our footwork and groove at the same time. We are always try to develop new ways to move in different speeds, levels, and styles.

What was the most exciting/nerve racking part about being on the show?

The most nerve racking part was the score reveal in the Duels round. The tension created in the room from one group facing off with another, it is definitely something to be both excited and nervous about.

What was your favorite memory from being on the show? What was your least favorite?

Our favorite memory was being able to dance on stage with our best friends in front of he most talented people in the industry. Our least favorite part? The amount of homework we got when we got home!!

What was life like after being on World of Dance? What are you up to now?

It was definitely cool to have so many random people approach us to take pictures and ask about our experience on World Of Dance! And as for now we’re still training as a crew and always working to improve, while also focusing on our education! 

Why do you think dance is important to the world?

Dance is a universal language. No matter what country someone is from or what language they speak, everyone understands dance and movement. It allows us to break down barriers and really connect with each other.

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