As if amazing performances, art exhibits, and vendors weren’t enough, the World of Dance Finals 2017 will also have master classes with some amazing choreographers. The classes are on July 23 11 a.m. also at the Pasadena Convention Center.

We caught up with Galen Hooks to hear more about her class, read on for more.

WOD: Tell us a little about yourself, your dance style, and your teaching method. 

GH: My dance style is about quality movement as well as utilizing subtleties and expressions to engage the audience. My teaching style is very interactive, focusing a lot on personal feedback and encouragement, which has developed into a much bigger part of my teaching structure as a result from my 2 day intensives called The Galen Hooks Method. 

The Galen Hooks Method is an authentic approach to the art form and business of dance, focusing on limited class sizes and direct feedback from Galen to the participating students. This intensive is designed to help dancer’s take control of their careers by gaining invaluable knowledge and guidance from a working professional in the industry. In two days, the students are learning more than they would within months of regular training and auditioning.

WOD: What can attendees expect from your master class?

GH: They can expect a class that is about more than just steps, focusing on making choices that presents the best and most confident version of oneself.
WOD: What are you most excited about for the class?
GH: I’m most excited to see how the students interpret the routine and make it their own!
WOD: Can you share some of your favorite class videos? 

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