Dance company GRV has opened their own dance studio in Orange, California called Offstage Dance Studio. This new space is now home to GRV, GRaVy Babies, and GRooVe, the three teams under the G-Fam group. Not only will these teams use this space for their rehearsals, but they are also teaching dance classes for the public to enjoy. 

They offer a wide range of classes that are sure to peak your interest, whether you are a beginner or  seasoned dancer. The dance community can expect fresh hip-hop, K-Pop, heels, and classes of other styles to be available on rotation. New classes are announced every Friday on their Instagram page and classes are available Monday through Saturday.

Offstage is dedicated to those that have supported them since 2007, when GRV was founded. As written in their bio on Instagram, “Thank you to the community that has given us so much throughout these past 14 years. This is for you 💣.” 

For anyone that is hesitant to take a class, Offstage studio manager Kevin, encourages anyone interested to “give it a try because we’re meant to make mistakes, learn, and grow offstage, so that once we’re ready, we’ll get it right onstage. Offstage is where we put in the hours, blood, sweat, and tears into our dance journeys, so I welcome everyone to join our safe space to embrace growth!” Their doors are open to everyone that is looking to dance and learn at 2294 N Batavia St Unit A, Orange, CA 92865. More information can also be found on their Yelp page. Be sure to follow them @OffstagebyGRV on Instagram and to register for a dance class today on their website!