I’m really adamant about being able to dance to any genre of music, whether it’s K-pop or Country. It’s good to train to different types of music because you’ll learn the different rhythms that you can only find in certain genres. For example, House music has a distinct 4/4 groove where as Trap is slower but more intricate.

With K-pop, things get a little interesting. K-pop has a very westernized sound in my opinion. There are so many sub-genres within K-pop like Rock, Hip-hop, R n’ B, EDM, and Trap. One of my favorite K-pop bands is BTS because they encompass many of these sub-genres. Their latest album “LOVE YOURSELF 結 ‘Answer'” is my current favorite.

My roommate got me into K-pop, but what made it stick was how diverse the music is. As a dancer, I like to dance to a variety of things just to explore different ways of expressing myself. Dancing to different music makes me move differently and it’s also fun to try new things.

Recently, I’ve been working on collaborating with other dancers. Catherine Ding (aka @KittySeline) contacted me and wanted to know if I wanted to do a K-pop dance cover. I’ve never done one before so I figured I should try it out just to see what happens. Here’s what came out of that collaboration:

I also ended up doing a K-pop Dance Challenge with a fellow robot named Merrick Hanna:

After doing these dance covers and listening to these albums on repeat, I totally understand why it’s so popular and now I’m hooked on K-pop. I’m definitely looking forward to dancing to more K-pop in the future. If you haven’t heard any of the music yet, I say go for it. You might end up really enjoying it.

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