The idea of starting to dance can be scary for a lot of people, especially when you’re just beginning. You don’t know what to do and dancing in front of strangers doesn’t help either. However, you have to start somewhere, so here are several ways to help you evolve into the epic dancer you were born to be.

Online Classes

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It can be intimidating if you’re walking into a dance studio for the first time. If you want to dance in the comfort of your own home, there are dance classes you can take online. Make sure you have enough space to get you moving and grooving as you follow along. There are programs that specifically have instructors to guide you every step of the way. If you want to learn the basics for free, you can always look at tutorials on YouTube. STEEZY Studio offers over 100 classes in different styles, from the world’s best choreographers. It’s a great way to help you go at your own pace and keep track of all the steps being taught at the right tempo.

Take A Dance Class

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Once you’ve stepped out of your comfort zone, try taking some classes in person. Dancing is used as a creative outlet and as a way to express yourself, so don’t be afraid to get on the dance floor. If you’re not sure where to go, use your resources! You can always go on Google and look up “dance classes near you” or use specific keywords if you’re looking for a certain style of dancing. It doesn’t even have to be a fancy dance studio, it could be something like Zumba or a class a friend has recommended to you. If you live in Orange County or Los Angeles, the Millennium Dance Complex is a great studio to get started with. They offer a variety of classes at all levels whether you’re a beginner or have experience.

What Classes To Take

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If you’re unsure on what class to take, remember the sky is the limit. There are different styles you can try out such as Hip-Hop, Salsa, Ballet, Breakdancing, Jazz, Tap, Contemporary, Locking and Heels classes. It’s all about exploring and finding what YOU like. There is no cut off as to how many classes you can take, so take as many as you want! Expand your horizons, there is no wrong way to dance. Just let your body feel the music and let it consume you.

Get Involved

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The dance community continues to grow and welcomes everyone. There are many ways to become a part of it such as attending dance shows, making friends during dance classes, following influencers, and signing up for any dance related newsletters. Don’t let the fear of going into the unknown stop you! If you have a passion for dancing or want to make it a hobby, you have many opportunities to do so. Once you familiarize yourself with the community, you’ll see what dancing techniques you gravitate towards and become more confident being apart of it.

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