The feeling of being sweaty after a tough workout is gross and makes you want to take a nice, long shower. Professional hairstylists will tell you not to wash your hair more than every two days, and besides, washing your hair every day is time consuming. In addition, washing every day can strip your hair of its natural oils and actually make it more greasy. The good news is that there are a few things you can do to avoid washing your hair every time you hit the gym. Follow the tips below so that you don’t have to wash your hair after every workout.

Style It Beforehand outlines different things to do with your hair depending on how much you sweat, and basic rules of “gym hair”. If you’re doing a pilates or yoga class, your hair probably isn’t too wet anyway, so you can probably skip washing it that day. Celebrity stylists recommend doing a style that could transition to another style after your exercise, like a braid or loose bun. This way, your hair will come out in waves, while still staying off your back and face during the workout. After an exercise producing a medium amount of sweat, they recommend similar styles, but with extra hair elastics or pins. If you sweat a lot, try using a sweat band or sweat-wicking headband. Keep it on until your scalp and skin is dry of sweat, then it will be easier to style.


Use The Right Products provides a list of products to soak up the grease in your locks and get them back to looking beautiful. They discuss dry shampoos, accessories, and even trying out the “wet look“, made famous by Hollywood celebrities.

Additionally, it’s not important to wash your hair every day, or every other day, in the first place depending on your hair type. If you’re a fan of dry shampoo, don’t use it on wet hair; unless you like it to be cakey. Instead, put it in your hair before the workout, and it will absorb sweat as it is produced. Finally, because sweat and oil are two different things, sweating is basically like applying a sea salt spray, rather than having the oil spread throughout your scalp. However, after too much of it, your hair may start to smell and look “dead”, so don’t wait a whole week before you wash it, or you may lose your friends.



A less common method of preserving your hair’s life is co-washing. Washing your mane without shampoo, but with a silicone-free conditioner alone, is perfect for omitting oil and damaging your hair less than you normally would by using shampoo every day. Conditioner alone will not remove your hair’s natural oils, either.

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