A journey into the entertainment field can be risky and scary. An artistic form of any career can be intimidating. The world is full of confident and talented people but what makes you different? Here some tips to start building your own brand that you always dreamed of!

1.) Find Your Passion

This may seem like a no brainer but going towards a social media journey doesn’t happen randomly. Having a clear focus on what you would like to display upon your brand is important. Whether your passion is a business, a hobby, or an organization. Having clear branding is important to build a loyal following. Slowly implementing other forms of your passion can slowly let your audience get to know you.

2.) Consistency

It shouldn’t be expected to gain a immense amount of a following overnight. Consistency is key to success. Even if there’s a post that doesn’t do as well as the others, it is still an effort of putting yourself out there. Your loyal fanbase will return regardless.

3.) Social Media

This may seem so obvious but you need social media to be a social media influencer! In order to get the most exposure to the public, it is suggested to have a social media account in more than three different forms of social media.

4.) Keeping up with trends

In order to be relevant in social media, you have to be immersed in social media yourself. Know what is popular and what is viral. Don’t go into a job you aren’t informed about. Do your research, not all your content has to be original. It will be easier for new people to find you if you are  posting about what everyone is searching up.

5.) Don’t Compare Yourself

It has been no secret that the entertainment world can be cruel to our mindset. It is important to stay grounded in times of success and times of failure. Social media sometimes is a mask for people. It is the highlight reel of people’s lives and we shouldn’t use social media as people’s life story. Everyone goes through their own struggles.

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