For an entire year the excitement has been building, sizzling under the surface, waiting for the World of Dance 2018 World Championships. Teams from around the globe gave it everything they have at their Regional Championship Series event to earn a place in the competition. On July 28-29 it all went down.

From 58 events in 27 countries, more than 80 teams came to compete in this life-changing event. Not only do winners in each division receive the sought after title of World of Dance Champion, they also get hooked up with casting for NBC World of Dance (just like the Fabulous Sisters from Season 2!).

Full of energy, anticipation, and an amazing crowd, the event had something for everyone. The competition stage, exhibits, all-styles battle, and featured performances cultivated an uplifting, energizing, and unifying environment, creating an unmatched platform for dancers from across the world.

The Championship Series Competition Stage

Dance has the energizing ability to unite people, despite language barriers, and everyone was in good spirits. From the intricate costumes representing the cultures from the various countries represented, it was clear how much preparation went into each piece for the competition. From hot denim-on-denim to intricate makeup and hairstyles, the commitment to costuming really enhanced the quality of each performance.

Check out all the performances on YouTube.

Exhibits, Booths, and More

The moment you walked through the doors, you’re met with exhibits, art, and more. From the Paul Mitchell Styling Station, to all the WOD merch you can imagine, to live art creation, this off-stage area of the event provides an opportunity for connection.

All-Styles Battle

The All-Style stage leveled up for the Championships, and the dancing that went down was epic. The energy and excitement fill not only the dancers, but the audience as well. Hosted by BBoy Morris, this series features freestyle dancers battling it out in their chosen style, and the competition was electric.

Featured Performances

The featured performances for this event brought some of the best-of-the-best from the World of Dance family. Contestants from Seasons 1 and 2 of the show, dancers who have conquered the Championship Series in the past, and World of Dance all-stars performed at the end of each day of the competition. Some of these performances were even debuted on the stage.

WOD Magazine contributor Brianna Alvarez had a front row view of these performances. “My favorite moment that I got to see was when I watched World of Dance season 2 talent and Academy of Villains. I witnessed some of the most honest and committed performances I have ever seen. NBC talent such as Luka & Jenalyn, Jaxon Willard, and Embodiment amazed the audience. I have been an Academy of Villains fan for years, so it was a treat to watch them perform live for the first time.”

Stay tuned to World of Dance Magazine for more Championship Week coverage from featured performances to WOD DX. Want to see the Championship Regional Series live? Check to see if we’re coming to a city near you. Watch all Championship Series performances on YouTube.