Dance has a way of uniting people from all walks of life to share in the power of movement. Jacob Jonas The Company recently premiered a video titled “Able” that highlights ILL-Abilities remarkable talent on NOWNESS.

ILL-Abilities is an international dance crew made up of eight uniquely skilled dancers from across the globe. These break-dancers focus on forming their disabilities into strengths that allow them blur boundaries they face due to their ailments. Members with weak legs show incredible upper body control, while leg amputees innovate unimaginable ways to complete breaking tricks.

“ILLability” is a term the break dance crew coined for themselves. It is defined as an adaptation of power, strength, and creativity by creating advantages from disadvantages (as written on their website).

The crew does motivational work by sharing their stories and speaking on topics such as, mental health, inclusion, taking risks, and more. Also, they hold dance workshops centered around their motto, “no excuses, no limits.”  At the workshops, crew members teach dance fundamentals and prove to dancers that anything is possible.

ILL-Abilities is undoubtedly inspirational to the dance community. Their perseverance displays everything that dancing is about: breaking the rules, letting your soul speak, chasing your passion, realizing that nobody is perfect, and striving for success.

Able” reveals the reality that differently able dancers face. Witness the lengths that these guys go to in order to do what they are passionate about.

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