The Duels on Tuesday night on World of Dance were anything but boring. The battle between Jake & Chau and Josh & Erica was a fight to the finish as each couple pulled out top-notch performances that proved to be a nail-biting finish. Choreographer Tawnya Kuzia took World of Dance Studios through those nerve-wracking moments from behind the scenes at the taping. 

Kuzia was worried because the pirouette sequence that went slightly out of sync never happened to the duo in rehearsal. Would it knock Jake & Chau out of the competition? The choreographer had complete confidence in them to finish out the routine strong, but she wasn’t sure how the judges would view the one slight mishap.

The good news is that the duo made it through to the Semifinals with JLo and Ne-Yo voting for them. Jake teased that viewers should expect, “love” from their next round dance.

For Kuzia, it’s been a dream season because it’s her third time on the show. She stepped into Season 1 with The Posse and Season 3 with JDC. Both were Junior Division groups, so having the maturity of Jake & Chau was a new experience for her. It’s one that amped up her choreography and took the scope of her skills to a new level. 

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