World of Dance’s DX dance convention is coming this summer, and it’s going to be a dance experience unlike any other. As if we’re not hyped enough, John Aron is here with a new video series on our YouTube channel, DX-TRA. Throughout this 10 part series, he will share important info about WOD DX and so much more.
Read on for our exclusive Q&A about the series, and watch the first episode below.

WOD: Tell us about yourself!

John Aron: I have a passion for Life! I love talking to/meeting new people. Traveling has changed my life and I can’t wait for my next adventure. As a second grader, my mom, found my energy so electric that she signed me up for dance class and a commercial dancer was born.

WOD: What are you most excited about for DX-TRA?

John Aron: World of Dance is a force and movement that changes people’s lives. It brings a dynamic energy to the instructors and dancers involved that is unmatched. WOD brings Tv, music, dance, competition to life in a really great way. Who wouldn’t be excited about that?!

WOD: Why should someone tune in?

John Aron: Many people know about the NBC television show, however, World of Dance DX-TRA opens your eyes to a new dance experience and weekly life tips.
Not to mention, they will have a brand new friend when they arrive! DX-TRA will teach, motivate, give opportunity to those wanting to grow as a dancer and entertainer. We will be here to step them through the process of becoming the next WOD DX star!

Don’t miss your chance to be a part of WOD DX. DX is just part of the 2018 World of Dance Championship Week, celebrating 10 years of World of Dance. World of Dance is your destination for exclusive interviews, up-to-date news, and all things dance. Keep up with all the latest news on This Is WOD.