How many dares can one take before calling it a day?

It seems like NBC World of Dance season 2 contestants Kaycee Rice and Sean Lew can actually take a fair amount of them, as the two were guided by world renowned photographer Jordan Matter on a series of Instagram dares through Venice Beach, CA.

The New York-based photographer seemed to be having way too much fun taking suggestions from fans on Instagram on which dares the duo should perform while on the boardwalk.

Watch the resulting funny stunts below:

Known for his iconic shoots with dancers, Matter also teamed up with NBC World of Dance’s contestant Eva Igo for his “10 Minute Photo Challenge.”

Jordan Matter and Eva Igo Teamed Up for Some Epic Photo Shoots

Jordan Matter’s new book, “Born To Dance,” is available now, featuring several World of Dance performers like Avery Gay, Diana Pombo, and more.

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