You wouldn’t know Keith Urban is a country mainstay given his duet “The Fighter” with fellow country star Carrie Underwood. It’s quite the dance-y and fun club number. And to pay homage to the style, Urban brought some major dance into the music video—both versions. The first version of the music video features a dancer performing in street gear and the second one features two.

While the album Ripcord dropped last year, its single “The Fighter” came out in February. When it did, its music video delivered both country pop stars singing their hearts out. More notably, however, it also showcased dancer Lindsay Richardson pulling off a night routine throughout a residential neighborhood and industrial park. The music video was such a hit that a new, specially edited version was recently released. This one has dancer Lyle Beniga—Richardson’s boyfriend, in fact—joining the lead, with no Urban or Underwood anywhere.

Urban was all about it, as he explained in a Facebook video: “The idea was that we’d just do this incredible dance for the song and we would edit it, and then Carrie and I would perform and put it all together. When we put it all together, we found that it worked great with Lindsay dancing, but every time the two of them were together, Lindsay and Lyle, you just wanted to see them for the whole video. So we decided we would shoot a video with just the two of them from beginning to end.”

We love anything that puts dance front and center, so we give Urban an A+.

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