Did anyone else spend their teen years trying to learn the choreography from their favorite music videos? From N’Sync to Destiny’s Child, the 90’s and early aughts were filled with iconic dance routines that we all wanted to imitate. However, this trend seems to have subsided for the past few years in favor of celebrity cameos, product placements, and Easter eggs. While we are all for musicians using their videos as creative outlets, we also kind of miss the larger than life choreography that made us spend hours in front of the mirror learning all the steps. That’s why we were so delighted to see these perfectly choreographed music videos come out last year. We’ve rounded them all up, along with the tutorials, so throw on your leggings and get moving!

Boy With Luv- BTS ft. Halsey 

Ok, BTS consistently puts out amazingly choreographed videos, but “Boy With Luv” took it to a whole new level. The moves are so perfectly synchronized and every step is so smooth and cool that even Halsey admits she was intimidated to dance with them. Check out the original video then click on Ellen and Brian’s YouTube tutorial to get your K-pop on.

How Do You Sleep?- Sam Smith

We didn’t know Sam Smith could dance like that! The English singer-songwriter absolutely slays the moves in this video which he worked on with New Zealand choreographer Parris Goebel. Oh, and in case you needed another reason, Smith himself stated that he really wants his fans to learn all the steps– so what are you waiting for? 

Motivation- Normani

Normani managed to create a music video that feels both fresh and nostalgic. The choreography is as close to perfect as it gets and the song is infectious AF. If you, like us, want to lock yourself in a room and learn every single step, check out Yasmin Dan’s excellent video on how to master this masterpiece.

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