Recently NBC World of Dance winners Les Twins took to Facebook to spread the word about Yak Film’s Make Moves Challenge with Project 1234.

Here’s what Les Twins had to say about the video: Our brothers at @yakfilms are always finding new ways to help spread the culture.. we love it!! Join the Make Moves Challenge for youth 13 to 24 years old worldwide to upload their photo or video about creative movement to and get a chance to be featured on @adobe @project1324 @yakfilms social networks! #makemoveschallenge #youth. #youngcreatives #movement #art #adobe #project1324 #yakfilms #officiallestwins

Here’s what the Make Moves: Movement Without Borders Project 1234 site has to say:
  • What: YAK Films documents some of the most innovative dance movements ever. Their “Exquisite Zombies” series of films with Adobe Project 1324 highlights how hip hop dance is not only a catalyst of self-expression, communication and community, but a force for change in the digital space.
  • Now, YAK Films is challenging you to make your own moves.
  • Who: 13 to 24 year olds
  • How: In an original video, photo or animation, imagine how movement connects people beyond language and borders.
  • Examples of movement can include anything from hitting a drum to the stroke of a brush, visualizing the unique ways your body can move or simply laying on your back and watching the clouds pass.
  • Opportunity: Select submissions will be featured this year by YAK Films and Adobe Project 1324 social channels.
  • Media Type: Image, Video

Submissions are due by Nov. 20, at 11 a.m.

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