After touring the United States and Canada with the World of Dance Live Tour over the past couple of months, Luka and Jenalyn finally have some time to relax at home – for now. World of Dance got a chance to catch up with them again and talk about their thoughts regarding the end of the tour.

World of Dance: How can you wrap up your experience on this WOD tour?

Luka: It was fantastic! We had an amazing experience; it was awesome overall. We got to travel across the U.S. and Canada to meet fans in person and give them a show to remember. We got to build friendships with the other teams and saw so many of our fans across North America.

Jenalyn: I totally agree! To sum it up in a sentence: It was a once in a lifetime experience. It was life changing getting to go to a different city every day. We were away for two and a half months, and we were the only Canadian duo that got to represent Canada. We got to know the other teams and choreographers really well.

World of Dance: How did this tour compare to your first one with WOD?

Luka: The energy of the tour was the same, and the professionalism was through the roof. Everyone gave every ounce to the audience both times, and put all their energy and effort into the shows. The main difference was the length –  this tour was longer and had less acts (three compared to seven or eight in the season one tour). Everyone was professional and the show was really sensational.

Jenalyn: We had to hold more responsibility to represent Canada this time since we were the only Canadian duo. We were able to go to our hometown to show off our hard work, and we hosted for a bigger portion of the show since there were less acts. It was really fun for us to get to talk to the crowd and encourage more audience participation.

World of Dance: What have you learned from touring?

Jenalyn: We definitely learned how to take care of our bodies more, especially since we had less help the second time. At our first tour, there were lots of parents and help around to make sure we were fine, but this time we were on our own. There were so many teams and groups involved that everyone was really taking care of themselves, so we learned to be accountable for ourselves, be safe, and make sure our bodies were okay with what we were doing.

World of Dance: Do you have advice for someone about to go on tour?

Luka: I’d tell them to try to practice early and often to get the reps in your body before you have to do them on a day-in and day-out basis. Have fun and enjoy every show, because it’s finite and will come to an end. Take care of your body – there could be up to 400 or more times you have to do a routine, and it adds up. Embrace every moment!

Jenalyn: Be flexible and open to constant change! Follow the schedule but be prepared and open to trying new things.

World of Dance: How did you deal with some of the weather issues you experienced?

Luka: We got to have some snowball fights and make snow angels, and we definitely made the best of it. The Kings saw their first snow and we had a snowball fight with them and treated them to their first poutine and maple syrup in Canada.

World of Dance: Would you ever go on tour again with World of Dance?

Luka & Jenalyn: With the right opportunity, we might! If things line up and it were a legit possibility, we would love to.

World of Dance: How was performing in Toronto (your most anticipated show)?

Jenalyn: I think we had over 40 of each of our families come to that show, and there was a whole room dedicated to the meet and greet afterward.

Luka: It was perfect – everything we wanted to happen did, and we got a standing ovation and a huge response from the crowd.

World of Dance: Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Luka: We want to thank World of Dance, Nappy Tabs, Tessandra Chavez, and everyone who made the tour come together. Thank you to The Kings and Unity LA for being amazing dancers, people and friends. We want to thank all the fans who came to the show. We got to meet and spend time with fans around North America that we can cherish forever, and we are really grateful to be a part of it.

World of Dance: What are your future plans?

Jenalyn: We are doing some local shows in Toronto, and also lying low and recovering from the tour. We are still working out our bodies and training and going to the gym, too.

Luka: We have some TV shows talking to us which we may go on, but we can’t disclose much information about that yet. We have some music videos in the works with recording artists, and we may compete again and see how the dust settles. We want to direct and produce more videos, teach, and look into creating more social media content. We are also performing at a Dallas Mavericks game soon!

Find Luka and Jenalyn on Instagram @luka.jenalyn.

Photos: Jay Wallace

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